Bus Routes & Parent Pickup

Transportation Procedures

CTE has no students who walk or ride bikes to school. All students are transported to and from school in either a SBHC school bus or their family vehicle.


  • The first week of this new process will be a learning opportunity for all. Please be patient as the line could take up to 45 minutes in the first week. Our goal is to get it to 20 minutes by the second full week of school.
  • Come later not earlier, you are more likely to get right through the line if you wait a little later to come.
  • If you have a friend or family member picking up your child, please make sure they have a tag to pick them up. They will have to go to the office and wait if they do not have a tag.
  • Remember this is for the safety of your child and all of our students. It is our top priority and we appreciate your flexibility during this new process.

SBHC School Bus Transportation

Dispatch Phone: 863-471-5764

School Bus Info & Guidelines

  • Attendance Zones
  • Backpack Tags
  • Bus guidelines, & more

Searchable School Bus Routes

Parent Drop-off & Pickup

  1. You must have an assigned parent pick up tag visibly displayed on your mirror of your car. If you do not have one, or have misplaced yours, you must park in the guest parking lot and go to the office to receive a tag, and get back into line.
  2. Each family will be assigned two car tags. If you need additional tags or your tag is lost, you must purchase a new one at $5 each.
  3. You must remain in your vehicle at all times once the students have been dismissed.
  4. NO walkup pickups will be allowed.
  5. No passing other vehicles in line. Once your child is in your vehicle, you must wait for the entire line to move. This is for the safety of our students who maybe loading on the other side of their vehicle.
  6. Your child must be picked up no later than 2:30pm. They will be sent to our daycare if not picked up by then and you will be charged the daycare rate.
  7. Do not remove the tag that is placed on your child’s backpack. It will have their unique parent pickup number on it.

Starting Monday, March 9, 2020 students will be charged $5.00 for lost/misplaced Zonar School Bus passes. Please visit your area Transportation Department to pay the $5.00 fee and receive a receipt. Once the fee is paid, we will print your student a new card and send it to your student's assigned bus.

Lake Placid Garage – 323 S. Tangerine Drive., Lake Placid, Fl (Across from Lake Placid Middle School) (863-699-5069)

Sebring Area – 2120 E.O Douglas Ave (Main Transportation Office) (863-471-5764)

Avon Park Area – 1100 East Albritton Road, Avon Park, Fl (863-784-0376)

Please remember, the Zonar School Bus pass is designed to increase the safety and immediate response time of the pick up and drop off location of your student when they scan their card on and off the school bus.

Thank you,

Willie Hills, Director of Transportation