School History

Established in 1991 and named for its proximity to the Florida Cracker Trail, Cracker Trail Elementary School is one of Highlands County's top elementary schools.

We are celebrated 30 years of being a Mustang during the 21-22 school year!


Part of the vision of CTE is to continually strive to be a technology-rich school. Our staff is highly trained, and regularly use cutting-edge strategies and resources to engage students in relevant learning experiences.

The school installed a WeatherBug Tracking Station in 2009 and is now able to provide weather data for local meteorological teams and media outlets to broadcast online and on-air. Our own students use the station each morning during the morning news broadcast. The live data is also available on your iPhone, Android, and other smartphones. The Tracking Station is used to enhance the school’s curriculum using the WeatherBug Achieve program.

All classrooms are minimally provided with:

The school and district purchase educational Web sites, and programs for use as tools in instructional design. Instructional technology use is supported by a school-based computer technician and district-level technology teacher. 


CTE is proud to have an elementary art program, which is often cut when budgets tighten. Each student participates for one semester in lessons focused on art vocabulary and history. In each session, the student makes a piece to add to his or hers portfolio which is brought home at the end of that semester. Student art is often entered into local art contests. Because our school has a kiln on site, it is typical to create things using clay and then paint using glaze to be fired again to get a finished product.

Chorus singing at Veterans Day


Students participate in music education in several ways. All students attend regular music "specials" class once per week. All students in fourth grade learn to play the recorder.

Fourth and fifth graders can audition for the Mustang Chorus (approximately 80 students) and/or the Hand Bells (approximately 20 students). These groups rehearse weekly for the annual Veteran's Day, Winter Holiday and Spring concerts. Bi-annually, the Mustang Chorus perform at Universal Studios as part of the STAR program.


We are proud to provide daycare almost every day that school is not in session except for major holidays. There is no extra charge on early release days.

Our summer program includes free breakfast, lunch and snacks. Additionally, we take field trips approximately twice per week.