Staff Directory

2019-2020 Staff Roster (subject to change)


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  • Charlene Geisler, VE ESE
  • Sheli Gossett, Pre-K
  • Karen Jowers, Pre-K
  • Neatha Madden, Pre-K
  • Penny Pruitt, ESE Behavior

First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

4th Grade

  • Melissa Chovance
  • Brenda Johnston - Class Blog
  • Travis Thomas
  • Unlisted teacher

5th Grade

  • Tim Bowers
  • Denise Hines
  • Rhonda Lindley
  • Anna Menzie
  • Nancy Piller
  • Jennifer Rowe

Resource Teachers

  • Melissa Adames Duran, ESE Support Facilitation Teacher
  • Ian Belanger, District Instructional Technology
  • Cara Brooks, Gifted & STEM Resource Teacher
  • Sharon Curtis, ESE Support Facilitation Teacher
  • Daniel Fantin, District Media Specialist
  • Katherine Eures, LCRT
  • Stacey Pugh-Clogston, PE Teacher
  • Esther Rodriguez, Music Teacher
  • Heather Thomas, Guidance
  • Vacant, Speech Language Pathologist


  • Leonel Ayala, ESE Behavior Para
  • Shana Deatherage, Pre-K
  • Jessica Hernandez, ESOL
  • Bonnie Jackson, PE
  • Kelly Kindrick, ESE Enhancement
  • Tina Keefe, Pre-K
  • Vacant, ESE Enhancement
  • Martha Olivares, ESE Enhancement
  • Kristine Sebring, MI Lab
  • Maria Smythers, Pre-K
  • Unlisted, Media Center Para

Front Office Staff

  • Kimberly Hill, Data Clerk III
  • Tara Lee, Principal's Secretary
  • Patsy Martinez, Bookkeeper
  • Kristin Wolfhope, Front Desk Clerk


  • Kristina Wilson, Supervising RN (Health Department)
  • Kayle Pella, Health Room Tech (Health Department)
  • Brian Drummond, Cafeteria Manager
  • Eddie Deloach, Plant Manager
  • Michelle Moore, IDEA/Guidance Clerk
  • Courtney Percy, MIS Tech II
  • Julio Rodriguez, Custodian