Behavior Plan & Recognition

PBIS stands for Positive Behavior and Intervention Support. It is directly aligned with Response to Intervention (RtI).

“PBIS organizes adults and students to create a social culture in schools that will encourage positive behaviors and interactions, while discouraging problem behaviors. This social culture will lead to a safer environment where students achieve academically and build positive relationships with each other and with adults.” -Illinois PBS Project

At Cracker Trail Elementary, we have the Mustang Must-Haves:

C - Courteous to all

T - Take Responsibility

E - Endeavor to Succeed

These Mustang Must-Haves exemplify the expectations of our students here at CTE. Our expectations are posted in a school-wide matrix, with area expectations posted in the designated areas. The expectations are explicitly taught to the students at the Student Expectations Kick-off, scheduled each fall.


Mustang Money is fake money, similar to the scholar dollars we used last year. Staff members will have these on hand throughout campus. Students can use their Mustang Money two different ways – A. Turn in increments of 10 to their teacher for classroom incentives, or B. save larger amounts to use at quarterly PBiS events.

  • Classrooms: Students will receive Mustang Money for exemplary behavior, meeting iReady minutes weekly, or academic effort in school. Mustang Money will be distributed to students who are caught modeling school wide expectations. Staff will reinforce the behavior exhibited by using the common language of the expectation. Students will be responsible for keeping money in their lanyard and wearing lanyard while on school property.
  • Common Areas: Students will receive Mustang Money for exemplary behavior in the common areas (sidewalks, specials, cafeteria, etc.). Staff will reinforce the behavior exhibited by using the common language of the expectation.


Each classroom is expected to reserve space on first bulletin board by the door or the very closest to the door. An example will be provided. Materials that must be on display:

  • Posters with Classroom Expectations and the CTE Expectations.
  • Horseshoe Post/Fence
  • Color Behavior Management System
  • Attendance tracker


This will be an incentive for the whole classroom, not an individuals. If the Whole Class is “caught” following CTE Expectations, any adult may give them a horseshoe. However, the classroom teacher may NOT hand horseshoes to their own classroom. Horseshoes will be displayed on the bulletin board on the fence.

Once a class receives 25 horseshoes, they will be rewarded with a popsicle party. Additionally, the 25 horseshoes will be taken down and turned in for a large golden horseshoe to display for recognition of the met goal. Our morning TV program crew makes a big deal about these and celebrates them live on WCTE.


A card system or color chart is to be utilized school wide. A behavior management pocket chart or chart or clips is provided for every class. This is to be displayed on the Bulletin Board.

The colors in the system are Purple, Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue, and Red.

  • Purple and orange (above average)
  • Green (Good Behavior--every day expectation)
  • Yellow (Warning & loss of privilege such as recess)
  • Blue (Reflect in another classroom)
  • Red (Parent contact).

If poor behavior persists, write a referral and contact Administration.


Each bus driver will report students’ behavior on a daily chart collected weekly. The chart will have three faces: frown, neutral, and smiley. The buses that receive all smiley faces for the week will be in the running for Bus of the Week. The Bus of the Week will be announced during Monday’s morning announcements on WCTE. At the end of the month, all 4 winners will be entered in a drawing for Bus of the Month. The Bus of the Month will receive popsicles (right before they leave on bus on determined afternoon).


  • 1st Nine Weeks Event- Dance Party
  • 2nd Nine Weeks Event- Reindeer games
  • 3rd Nine Weeks Event- Block party
  • 4th Nine Weeks Event- Splash Day