Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

Please call the school office at 471-5777 by 1:00 PM if you plan to adjust your pick up plans.

Car Drop Off AM

  • Parents can drop off students as early as 6:50 in the student drop off area.
  • The cafeteria doors will be open for students wanting breakfast.
  • Please form a single file line in the drop off area. Pull to the furthest spot before allowing your child to exit the vehicle from the passenger side only.
  • No passing other vehicles in line. Once your child is out of the vehicle, you must wait for the entire line to move.
  • Parents are not to get out of their cars as a staff member will assist your child if necessary. Absolutely no cars are to be left unattended along the parent drop-off curb.

Always pull as far forward as possible to make room for other vehicles. This will ensure that we can keep traffic moving, creating less congestion.

Car Pick Up PM

  • All students riding in cars will be picked up in the student drop off/pick up area. No walkup pickups will be allowed.
  • All CTE families will be issued a numbered car tag that hangs from the rear view mirror. Your family will receive 3 tags in this packet to ensure parents and childcare providers are equipped with number tags. As cars line up, a staff member will enter the numbers of the tags in the line to a staff member in the cafeteria. The students assigned to those numbers will then be dismissed from the cafeteria to wait outside until their car is at the front of the line.
  • Students must be picked up no later than 2:30 pm. Students will be sent to daycare if not picked up by that time and you will be charged a fee.
  • No passing other vehicles in line. Once your child is in your vehicle, you must wait for the entire line to move. This is for the safety of our students who maybe loading on the other side of their vehicle.
  • Staff members or Safety Patrol will escort your child to your vehicle. Please do not leave vehicles unattended at any time.

If you have a friend or family member picking up your child, please make sure they have a tag to pick them up. They will have to go to the office to show ID and wait if they do not have a tag.

Please notify us immediately if your tag has been lost or stolen. For the safety of your student, you will be required to purchase a new number and car tag set. Additional tags can be purchased for $5 in the front office.