Guidance Office

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Welcome to CTE's guidance department. We hope that you find this web site helpful in learning more about what we do and how we provide support for your children. We feel privileged to work with your children and welcome any questions or comments. We are truly a community of learners and fully respect the rights and privacy of families within our school.

Contact our guidance resource teacher by contacting the office.

Phone: (863) 471-5777

Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)

The school-based MTSS Leadership Team is a multi-level group with flexible membership dependent upon specific function. The core group is made up of: Curriculum Team Leaders (CTL) from each department or grade level and – Specific subgroups that address student-specific needs. Members may include:

  • CTLs
  • Guidance Counselor
  • Special Education Teachers
  • Classroom teachers
  • Resource specialists (Reading, Speech/Language, Psychologist, Social Worker, Home-School Liaison)
  • Principal
  • Assistant Principal

Our School-based MTSS Leadership Team meets on a regular basis in the guidance office to provide teachers necessary support for interventions for identified students. Decisions are made after collaborating with teachers and parents to ensure scientifically research based interventions are implemented. Progress is monitored regularly using curriculum based measurements.

The school-based MTSS Leadership Team provides ongoing training for all staff members in the MTSS process. Our team leads the process of implementing a tier-model of interventions in the classroom and campus. The team also provides coaching for data-analysis and interpretation for all staff through progress monitoring. The MTSS team provides insight for student trends, teacher needs and strengths, and either recommends resources, strategies or investigates previously untried interventions.

The role of our guidance department often includes:

With all students:

  • career awareness
  • creativity
  • decision making
  • peer relations
  • program planning
  • self awareness
  • self expression
  • developmental growth
  • achievement
  • health habits
  • personal concerns

With Students:

  • individually
  • small groups in the classroom
  • individual needs

Parents & Teachers:

  • human growth and development
  • feelings and behaviors
  • students' educational programs