Student Activities & Leadership

Students can take part in many extra-curricular activities and leadership opportunities. Here are most of our school-wide clubs and activities.


Fifth grade students in their homeroom classes are instructed in the DARE decision making model by our School Resource Officer. In the spring, the students participate in a county-wide celebration!

Science Fair

The science fair involves students in grades 3 through 5. The children are asked to do a project relating to any field of science. Certain guidelines are used, such as how to set up the projects. Students in grade three will work on a class project, fourth will work in small groups and in fifth grade individual projects will be required. This requirement, although may require some at-home study, a majority will be accomplished at school.

Safety Patrol

Safety Patrol is for 5th grade students. Students in 4th grade train alongside 5th grades during the last few weeks of school.

WCTE News Program

WCTE is our closed-circuit television program that airs our daily announcements, current weather, and short videos. Fifth grade students run the cameras, sound board, and are the on-air personalities. Our media center and technology staff assist in this programming.

MI Lab & Art Show

CTE is proud to have an elementary art program, which is often cut when budgets tighten. Each student participates for one semester in lessons focused on art vocabulary and history. In each session, the student makes a piece to add to his or hers portfolio which is brought home at the end of that semester. Student art is often entered into local art contests. Because our school has a kiln on site, it is typical to create things using clay and then paint using glaze to be fired again to get a finished product. In the spring of each year we will be having a art show, showcasing all the student work.

Handbell Choir

Handbell Choir is open to 4th and 5th grade students only. This is an additional opportunity for music enrichment by playing an instrument, developing their note reading and counting/rhythm skills. Handbell choir meets once a week during the school day, and performs several concerts throughout the year.

Mustang Chorus

The Mustang Chorus is open to any interested 4th & 5th grader who would like additional choral practice and performance opportunities. Chorus helps reinforce some of the skills and musical concepts studied in the regular music classes. The chorus meets once weekly during or after the school day.

Trailblazer Teams

Monthly, Trailblazer Teams meet during the school day and focus on a topic that is mutually exciting for the teacher mentor and the students who applied to be part of the team.

These clubs are focused on the interest of the adult leader/mentor as well as the students. Some examples are cooking, coding, engineering, sports, campus beautification, etc.